Functional characteristics of power dispenser
Apr 13, 2018

can measure voltage, current, temperature, humidity, voltage and current sensor built-in

1-way switch input, can be used to monitor the cabinet door switch state

8 GB AC socket output, can control the switch separately,

1 standard 232 Debug ports, can operate on equipment (115200, none, 8, 1).

1 10/100mbaset Ethernet Port

To monitor, control and manage the power supply of multiple equipments in the cabinet of computer room through LAN or WAN

Embedded technology, support Java,web way browsing

The machine is used with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability.

Convenient on-site installation, 8 switch support delay power, real-time control and timing switch mode

IEC320C13/C19 standard sockets and other sockets for customer selection

220VAC voltage Input, customizable DC 48V models

Output maximum current 10A per socket Anti-lightning, surge, protection equipment

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