what is duplexer
Sep 13, 2018

The introduction of duplexers

Duplexer is pilot frequency duplex radio station, relay station of the main parts, its function is to transmit and receive signal isolation, guarantee the normal work of the receive and transmit can at the same time.It is composed of two groups of different frequency stopband filters, avoid the native emission signal transmission to the receiver.General duplexer by six stopband filters (trap), the resonance in the transmit and receive frequency.The receiver filter resonance in transmitting frequency and prevention refers to the transmission power into the receiver, transmitter filter resonance in the receive frequency.Some duplexer don't mark the launch and the receiving end and the only LOW and HIGH, such as a duplexer LOW = 450, HIGH = 460, said the LOW end can join 450 million 460 million transmitter, receiver HIGH end connection can also be will join 450 million transmitter LOW end, HIGH end connection 460 million receiver, sending and receiving frequency can be used upside down, but cannot meet the set will launch frequency 460 machine duplexer 450 million end so as not to damage the radio and duplexer.

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