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5 G Spectrum Allocation 2019 Open
Jan 16, 2019

5 g spectrum allocation WRC - 2019 open complete specification completed in 2020

On September 10, the 18th ITU (international telecommunication union) world forum opens in the South African city of durban.In the afternoon, China mobile joint ITU, GTI (TD - LTE global development initiative) and TDIA (TD industry alliance) to "forge a mobile future economic, efficient and sustainable development," as the theme of the eighth spectrum and technology conference, aims to further promote the global 4 g, 5 g spectrum division, promote evolution and 5 g 4 g technology innovation and development, share dividends for mobile communications, eliminate the digital divide.This is the Beijing summit of the BBS on china-africa cooperation, after a successful information communication industry promoting china-africa cooperation, power informatization development of another important activity in Africa.


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