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R&S Company Cooperate With Kathrein To Promote The World's First High Power 5 G Radio Tower
Dec 12, 2018

Project partners Kathrein  and R&S company  has achieved 5 g TODAY study two important milestones of the project: December 4, 2018, R&S transmitter in the Bavarian state broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) Wendelstein pad was put into operation successfully.In addition, Catherine near Munich Ismaning BR pad completed a innovative antenna test operation.

When the vehicle is highly automated and mutual unicom equipment on the Internet of things, the new 5 g network standard become the key technology of the future.5 g also provides effective potential distribution of media content.5 g will set up a global market, millions of smart phones and tablets on television receiver for a potential to live TV service, media library, social network and many other media services.

5 g radio, also known as FeMBMS (further evolution of the multimedia broadcast multicast service), in June 2017 in the 3 GPP versions 14 defines used to support LTE mobile user equipment (such as smart phones and tablets) broadcasting new options.Upgraded the standard allows for the first time in the downlink link mode only tower high power (HPHT) application, at the same time using the signal bandwidth for multicast/broadcast applications.In addition, the 3 GPP versions 14 defines the extension cycle prefix (interval) of protection and mode, enables mobile users to operate in the absence of a SIM card, it is essential for broadcast applications.

Transmission power of 5 kW 100 kW (ERP) of R&S THU9evo high-power transmitter and specialized development of Catherine antenna is part of the 5 g radio transmission test.R&S company FeMBMS transmission scheme solves the tower video in high power transmission network and IP data broadcasting application, its bandwidth is 5 MHz and 10 MHz.Transmitter from LTE EPC by conforms to the 3 GPP protocol packet core (evolution) receive reference and configuration data.The research project using R&S radio services and control center R&S BSCC, which contains all the necessary EPC function.Broadcast content by the Bavarian state broadcasters (BR), and through the R&S AVHE100 front-end to R&S BSCC.

Ismaning and Wendelstein transmitter constitute a single frequency network (SFN), can be in the greater Munich area as well as on the main traffic routes between Munich and salzburg to realize mobile and portable.Catherine communication technology experts in Ismaning station (Kathrein) company developed a special antenna used for the transmission diversity signals.At an altitude of 200 meters installed 12 innovation of UHF antenna field.The project includes installation of a 370 m long arm type HF transmission cables.Another R&S high-power transmitter and the output power of 7 kW, 100 kW (ERP) is connected to the antenna at the end of 1.Then prepare test radio network for testing.

At present, as the Bavarian research project "5 g TODAY" part of a major European 5 g field test are being set up in Germany.The project funded by the research foundation of Bavaria.In broadcast technology institutions under the leadership of IRT, project partners (Kathrein) and Catherine R&S company is in the process of research on 5 g radio network FeMBMS model for large-scale television broadcast.The program from German Telefonica and Bavarian state broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk support, the company provides two towers near Munich high power site, used for field test of this groundbreaking.

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