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  • Band Reject Filter
    RF band reject Filter Band reject filter (bandstop filters, BSF) refers to by most of the frequency components, but the certain range of frequency component attenuation to very low levels of filter, as opposed to a concept of band-pass filter Features: Can pass the most......
  • Octave Band Directional Couplers
    OCTAVE BAND DIRECTIONAL COUPLER,standard product line covering up to 40Ghz,products have been qualified for use in ground based, ship board and airborne systems PCS& CELL SITES,Military and space applications....
  • 90 Degree Hybrid Quadrature Couplers
    90 degree hybrid couplers These are often called quadrature couplers, and include Lange couplers, the branchline coupler, overlay couplers,...
  • PIN Coaxial Switch
    PIN Coaxial Absorptive and Reflective 50 ohm Switch,cover 10MHz-50Ghz and provide 120db high isolation,less than 10ns high-speed switching....
  • Walkie-talkie Splitter Duplexer
    In the wireless intercom system, the user directly contacts and uses the intercom, so sometimes it is called the intercom system. The walkie-talkie splitter actually refers to the power splitter and coupler, also known as the power splitter and the coupled splitter, which......
  • 40GHZ 2.92mm 4Way Power Divider
    40GHz 2.92mm 4way Power Divider After the middle of the year the federal communications commission (FCC) around 28 GHZ, 37 GHZ and 39 GHZ three frequency bands for the licensed operators after 5 g network frequency resource allocation, this year the world is speed up TO the 5......
  • 40GHz 2.92mm Attenuator
    DC-40G, 2.92mm, 2W, RF Coaxial Fixed Attenuator...
  • 6 Ways Rf Micro-strip Power Splitter( 800-2500mhz)
    Product description and application: Power splitter The full power splitter is a device that splits the energy of one input signal into two or more equal energy outputs. There are two types of existing cavity power splitters and microstrip power splitters. The cavity power......
  • Mobile Phone Signal WIFI Power Splitter
    The series of microstrip structure power splitters have the characteristics of frequency bandwidth, small insertion loss and good standing wave ratio, and are suitable for indoor coverage engineering of most mobile communication systems such as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, WLAN,......
  • DC - 40 GHz Resistive Power Dividers
    DC - 40 GHz Resistive Power Dividers are mainly used in Trunking communication, Mobile communication, Aerospace, Radar, Electronic counter measures, statelite communication, Digital Broadcasting system, indoor and outdoor coverage, and other communication....
  • RF Bi-directional Coupler
    Miniaturization,Compact structure ,High quality
    Small size,High isolation,Low insertion loss,Excellent VSWR
    Multli-band Frequency Coverage
    N,SMA,DIN,2.92 Connectors
    Excellent PIM
    High Average power......
  • RF Cavity Multiplexer Combiner
    Low Insertion Loss,High Isolation,
    High PIM
    Temperature Stabilized, Holds Specifications At Thermal Extremes
    High quality, Low price, Fast delivery.
    High Average Power
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