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RF Hybrid Coupler

Drop In 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler

Drop In 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler

LEADER microwave carries a wide selection of power dividers and splitters to fit your needs,these components are essential in many systems,allowing the combination of muliple signals or splitting of a single signal into mutiple signals with equal magnitude and phase.
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Drop in 90 degree hybrid coupler

it i s part of  90 degree hybrid couplers in our product series ,these couplers feature is : small drop in  packages that can handle power up to 50W,the are available in both narrow and broad bandwidths,these quadrature hybrids are excellent for any situation to either equally split an input signal into two paths with a 90 degree phase shift between them or to  combine two signals while maintaining high isolation between them.


 image004.png drop in

 image004.png small size

 image004.png high power 



                                                          90 Degree 3dB Bridge

 image004.pngFrequency Range: 6000~1800MHz

image004.png Insertion Loss:  ≤0.5 dB 

image004.png Coupling sensitivity :             ±1dB  

image004.pngPhase Balance:    ±6 Degrees

image004.png VSWR:   ≤1.6 : 1   

image004.pngIsolation:                     ≥15dB    

image004.png Impedance:                    50 OHMS

image004.pngPort Connectors:    Drop in

image004.pngPower Handling:     50 Watt


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