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RF Cavity Filter

Notch Filter

Notch Filter

Band reject filter to eliminate a single frequency interference.For example, when you place close to an FM radio station, you will find a large signal will be in the band area, or in the band of frequency point.Although it is possible that the FM radio transmitter needs to be repaired, but is more likely to be your receiver front-end due to overload.
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RF Notch Filter

Signal processing of band-stop filter  or Band rejection filter is  point to by most frequency component, but some range of frequency component attenuation to the extremely low levels of filter, as opposed to a concept of band-pass filter.Which point notch filter is a special kind of band-stop filter, The scope of its stopband tiny, it have high Q factor.


The frequency response of an ideal point stop filter is to eliminate the signal frequency point, its value is equal to zero;And in other frequency, its value is not zero, and to be equal to 1.
Ideal for frequency response of the notch filter type is


*high Q value (Q Factor).

*Low insertion loss

*Custom Designs Available ,Low cost Design,Design to cost

 * Appearance color variable,3 years warranty


 .Notch filter is generally used in circuit filter out unwanted frequency signals, such as at the edge of the band pass filter passband and trap, is usually a series parallel resonant circuit, or parallel a series circuit, the resonance frequency is the frequency of the filter, are common in circuit intermediate frequency part of the TV.



                         LTF-545/6 -1

                         cavity filter

Notch Band                       536-542MHz


Insertion Loss in pass band        ≤1.6dB

Stop Band attenuation              ≥25dB

Band Pass VSWR                       ≤1.8:1

Band Pass                               300-526Mhz@555MHz-900Mhz

Power                                     100W                            

Port Connectors                     sma-Female

Surface Finish                         Black    

Operating Temperature          -25℃~+60℃

Configuration                       As Below (tolerance±0.3mm)


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